This is the framework for my new web site. Hopefully better than my old site...this is the first major redesign in many years. If you don't remember how much it sucked before, I'll put up some screen shots sometime. This should be the first 100% original version...no graphics ripped from someone else's page, hopefully.

Yes, I know the site looks very bare now...still working on the graphics, but the hard technical stuff is done. One of the complaints I was getting was not putting up vacation pictures for months after I got back...well, the photos page is just one ASP file that generates all the image galleries, so I have to write ZERO pages when I bring a batch of pics back from vacation. Just add one line of code, download and resize the pictures in Photoshop and it's done. The Lazy Programmer at his finest, a principle I live by.

Be sure to check out the photos from my nice Nikon digital camera (a wonderful birthday present from the woman in my life).

You can also leave comments for my journal entries by clicking the 'comments' link at the bottom of each entry.  Please speak your mind.