Rook out! Gogirra!

Looks like the famed Godzilla movies are coming to an end finally...with a bang!
The 28th film in the series will pit Godzilla against 10 other monsters, wrecking Sydney, New York, Paris, Shanghai and much of Japan in the process, said a spokesman for production company Toei.



Hero of the day!

Bet you don't get fringe benefits like this one:
An IT company in Nordjylland, Denmark has introduced a novel program to keep employees satisfied. After examining well-known trends in Internet and business traffic, LL Media decided it would be sensible and appreciated to offer all of its employees free subscriptions to Internet pornography.

The company's director, Levi Nielsen, believes that access to porn is a natural fringe benefit, like a free phone or a company car.

Hey, I'm still waiting for the free phone and company car, dude. ;^>


Hybrid car-owners ignore this post.

Y'all can stop whining about the high gas prices. Buy less or deal with it. What's this crap about dipping into the national oil reserves?
Bad idea. The reserve is meant for national emergencies ... like wars and embargoes. Hey, the way things are going overseas, we may actually really need that oil one day.
Dipping into the reserve now just because prices are high is like raiding your 401k to cover your taste for steak and lobster. Try eating Kraft macaroni and cheese for awhile instead.

UPDATE: Get used to expensive gas, lads. We're gonna run out eventually.


Glad to see all those new jobs, Bush

Remember last year when Bush gave a speech at the Canton, Ohio manufacturing plant about how his economic plan was improving the jobs in this country? Bad news, Dubya:
Last week, Timken announced that the folks right there in that room are getting fired. Timken, the world's largest industrial bearings maker, whose chairman is a major donor and fund-raiser for the Republican Party, plans to shut down three factories in Canton and eliminate 1,300 jobs.
Not looking good for Bush in Ohio. Note: since 1892, only to presidential candidates have lost Ohio and still won. ;^>


Library of Alexandria found?

If there hadn't been the huge fire that destroyed everything back in ancient times, this would probably be the biggest archeological find EVER:
"It is perhaps the oldest university in the world."

It was at the library that Archimedes invented the screw-shaped water pump that is still in use today. At Alexandria Eratosthenes measured the diameter of the Earth, and Euclid discovered the rules of geometry. Ptolemy wrote the Almagest at Alexandria. It was the most influential scientific book about the nature of the Universe for 1,500 years.

The library was later destroyed, possibly by Julius Caesar who had it burned as part of his campaign to conquer the city.

Damn Romans. More at arstechnica.com.

And which 'mission accomplished' would that be?

Nice to see we're forming a kindler gentler Iraq. Thanks for helping along that peace process Dubya:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- The current president of the Iraqi Governing Council was among several people killed Monday in a suicide car bombing near Baghdad's Green Zone, a council official said.

According to Iraqi Governing Council sources, council President Izzedine Salim was on his way into the Green Zone, which houses coalition headquarters, when he was killed.

The presidency of the governing council is a rotating position.

After the blast, the governing council selected Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer, a Sunni Muslim from the northern city of Mosul, to replace Salim as its president.


Nicer when you actually earn it?

Latest retarded study you can just disregard:
Lottery winners, trust-fund babies and others who get their money without working for it do not get as much satisfaction from their cash as those who earn it, a study of the pleasure center in people's brains suggests.

Sure, gimme $10 million, and I'll try out that theory. I'll get back to you in a year...from my three-drink-minimum bar down in St. Lucia. Or my villa in Sicily.



Driving home in traffic. Plenty of time to blog. Where's 21st century tech when ya need it? Teleporters? Sheesh.

Yep, still blogging from the web.

Only now, I can blog from any email address....which includes from my cell phone now. Mobile blogging! Is there no stopping me?

AudioBlog! W00t!

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Liberal media? Not doing a great job helping Kerry.

Believe it or not, the usually-liberal media is actually helping Bush by overreacting to everything. As mystery novelist (and blogger!) Roger L. Simon points out:

Actually, the American public can be remarkably savvy. At the very last they want to know what a candidate stands for... duh! And they like it best when he stands for one thing. Bush, for the most part, stands for one thing. And as long as the media are against him, if I were a gambling man, I'd bet on him.

*** New blog, finally? ***

Ok, I'd like to say my massive geek superpowers prevailed, but after much torture at attempting to develop my own ASP.NET blog, I've gotta go with the easier choice. Courtesy of Blogger, I've decided to use their easy-as-pie tools, but to publish the blog via FTP back to my own site here (just in case their servers explode, they go bankrupt, etc...I still want my blog up). So, I get a nice blogging tool (with email blogging built in, yay! Blogging on vacation soon to come!), and retain the wonderful look of this humble website.



Get out and VOTE, dammit!

As if this election isn't going to be as close as the infamous 2000 "hanging-chad" one, the stakes just went up a bit again:
ORLANDO, Fla. (Reuters) - Democratic challenger John Kerry said on Wednesday his first choice as defense secretary would be Republican Sen. John McCain as he criticized the Bush administration for failed policies in Iraq.

Wow, just amazing. Bi-partisanzhip in our election? I could be persuaded to vote for a MAJOR PARTY for the first time in my life....just MAYBE.



After buying out TechTV G4 has fired the entire staff. One of the few shows I actually watch regularly on TV...but that seems to be a trend: cancel the few shows of mine. Farscape, anyone? (Which at least may be making a brief comeback.)


Rough first day on the job?

BERLIN (Reuters) - The German government's plans to levy fines on companies that fail to hire trainees will also be applied to legal German brothels, Der Spiegel news magazine reports.

Several members of the Greens party tried to allow an exemption for prostitutes but the Education Ministry responsible for the legislation blocked that, arguing it "would cause considerable difficulties", Der Spiegel said.

'Nuff said.