De-facto National ID cards, finally?

In today's "overreaching-government-makes-civil-libertarians-cry" department:
Hundreds of civil liberties groups, immigrant support groups and government associations oppose the Real ID Act, a piece of legislation that critics say would produce a de facto national ID card, cost states millions of dollars and punish undocumented immigrants.

Yet despite widespread opposition to the bill, it passed through the House last week and is expected to easily pass through the Senate on Tuesday.

Get ready to product FOUR forms of ID at the DMV now, I'm not kidding. Slipped it into an $82 billion spending bill....I'm sure most of your congressmen haven't even READ the damn thing. Kiss your privacy goodbye. I'm moving to Canada. (I know that's not the first time I've said that. If only it were warmer....)

UPDATE: Just think how fun this will be, with all the identity theft on the rise (I'm assuming you do follow the news occasionally), just think will all your personal info in one database, how easy it will be for, oh, TERRORISTS TO IMPERSONATE YOU EASIER? And I forgot the obligatory "Those who trade their freedom for security deserve neither" quote by er, Thomas Jefferson? Also, a nice discussion/flamewar on ArsTechnica.


Star Wars: Revenge of the Line

Well...I'm back from a sleepless 60 hours of waiting for tickets at the historic Senator theatre for yet a third time. Some pics on the mobile blog to the right, and the full photo set should show up within the week in the photos section. Enjoy!

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