Kodak moment?

From the "Taking-pictures-while-you-should-be-running Department":

Photographs from the camera of a Canadian couple killed in Asia's tsunami include their final shots of a huge wave as it rushed toward them at their beach resort in Thailand.
In a sequence of photos over the course of a few minutes, some curious onlookers are shown wandering onto suddenly exposed tidal flats, a sign of the impending tsunami. In one, a large wave appears to be breaking in the distance.

"I don't know why they didn't run," their son Christian Knill told Global TV in Vancouver. "Either they knew they couldn't or they didn't know the power of the wave."

Their camera was destroyed, but being digital, they got the pics off the memory card. Ah, technology. Mental note: if you're going to die anyway...at least take some cool pics near the end?


Damn kids

You know, I wasn't like this as a kid:
"Apparently playing video games, watching TV and instant-messaging friends isn't relaxing enough. According to a new survey, 71 percent of children say they "need" a vacation. "
The worst part of going on a vacation with mom and dad? Getting up early and riding in the car.

Oh, you have a loooong road ahead of you if you can't handle that, kids. Moving out of your parents' house soon? That light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train, bub. The freight train of mortage, taxes, kids....I could go on. Enjoy your childhood while you've got it and shut up.


And you thought this only happened in Cinemax movies....

As usual, I was not available to assist with the "experience".
Twelve American nuns have been suspended from their convent after going on an alcohol and sex fuelled holiday.

The women, all aged between 22 and 31, went on the Club 18-30 holiday without telling anyone where they were going.
Amazingly the 12 ladies tried to excuse their behaviour by claiming they wanted to experience sin.

This almost reads like a "Dear Penthouse: I can't believe this happened to me...: article:


...and in other news....

I heard that Nikki Cox finally broke up with Bobcat Goldth-whatever-his-name-is. And is now dating comedian Jay Mohr.

Then I realized...if they ever get married, it would be the "Mohr-Cox" wedding, right?

Oh, man that was too easy.


Looking for a new house?

Today's helpful chart: A map of the most devastating weather-related disasters, grouped by state. Just in case you were thinking of moving down to, oh say North Carolina...or anywhere in the southeast, really.

More info here.