Tax "fun"!

Given that tax time is now over (for this year at least), I leave you with a "fun" statistic.

Americans spend 6 billion hours on their taxes every year, or $265 billion. Basically, 22% of every tax dollar collected. Yeah, 22% overhead just to collect the tax. That number is just for tax prep time, and does not include any litigation disputes, or running the IRS itself.

Keep that in mind this November when you go to select which retard you elect to tax you more. I'll be taking off that day to, er....educate the masses. Not that it will do much good. :P I've also reworked my withholding forms so I don't think I'll be getting anything back next year....which means it will be making 4% in my ING account in the meantime, Uncle Sam. It was my money in the FIRST place. I can't help you screwed up and took too much.

Back to work! Your government needs 40% of your pay today to go bomb some people or spy on you, or something. Hop to it, citizen.

/wow, that was a rant
//haven't even see "V for Vendetta" yet, either
///Remember, remember. 16th of December. (Boston Tea Party)