The Dark Tower (The Fields of Can'-Ka No Rey)

Hile, traveler. Many ages ago, this was a place of palaver, a place of learning. So it will continue. All that is the Dark Tower lay before you.  Beware the Eye of the Crimson King...

Official Sites:

  • The Official Dark Tower site (www.stephenking.com/darktower) - Check it out...always new stuff coming from the Navel of Gan. (Although after his accident, the tale seemed to take a sharp turn. But hey, at least the story is finally finished. Or is it? You'll have to make the journey to the Dark Tower yourself and find out. It took me almost 18 years of waiting...why would I reveal the secret of the scarlet fields of Can'-Ka No Rey for you?)
  • www.stephenking.com - Stephen King, the man with the plan. Or just some weird guy, maybe. What, did you think getting hit by a truck would make him write more normal stories? Ha.
Publisher & Artist Sites:
  • Michael Whelan - the excellent artist of the first Dark Tower book (and also the last one). Love all of his work...and I finally have one of the limited prints hanging on my wall. It is the coolest thing I own, so stop by and see it if you're in the neighborhood. Out of 35 "artist prints" (each has a unique original sketch by him), I have....you guessed it. Number 19.
  • Donald M. Grant - publishers of the nice limited hardbacks (expensive if out of print!) and trade-paperback editions (my preferred version...read 'em until they wear out, save the hardbacks for collecting, heh).
Fan Sites:

  • TheDarkTower.Com - this major fan site has stuff like one of the more complete timelines on the site...in case you haven't memorized it all by now. Also, a diagram to help you if you don't know which King books to read before the Dark Tower series. 
  • Lilja's Library - was a great source for the lastest DT news, like cover art and such.

Yes, this is my resume....


  • Web Technologies: ASP.NET, Classic ASP, AJAX applications, JSP, HTML, XML/XSL, Javascript.
  • Programming Languages: VB.NET, Java, Velocity, C++, working knowledge of C#, PHP, and Perl.
  • Database Technologies: SQL Server 2005, Access, mySQL, working knowledge of Oracle 10g.
  • Platforms/Servers: Windows XP/2000 (Client/Server), IIS 6, Apache Tomcat.
  • Development Software: Eclipse IDE, Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Office/Project/Visio, Lotus Notes, working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop

Webmaster, Marketing Communications – BD Diagnostics – Sparks, MD
December 2003 - Present

  • Managed complete redesign/development of the BD Diagnostics website (www.bd.com/ds). Site converted from a static HTML site to a dynamically generated database-driven one supporting 5400+ pages (3000+ unique products), and hundreds of related marketing and regulatory documents. Utilized many different technologies including a Lotus Notes back-end content repository, assisted with development of Java middleware layer, designed and developed front end layout in Velocity using Eclipse IDE, while conforming to corporate design guidelines. Site templates also now dynamically serve moble/PDA formatted pages.
  • Redesigned local intranet site, including complete visual layout, cleanup/removal of old department sub-sites, implemented an AJAX tabbed interface and front page “blog” format. Also trained users on use of new page templates. Currently assisting with hardware upgrade to support migration to Microsoft SharePoint Portal software. Also maintaining front page content and marketing department sub-site.
  • Assisted graphic design team with web-based event and trade show promotions, video/audio conversion for web streaming, and technical/software support for marketing videos and presentations.
  • Supported field sales staff with conversion of Lotus Notes applications to VB.NET for Windows Mobile platform, deployed and configured PDAs and laptops in the field and provided ongoing technical support.

Software Engineer, eCommerce Division – Thomson Prometric – Baltimore, MD
January 2001 - December 2003
  • Key developer during the redesign of the Prometric.com web site, using Microsoft Content Management Server. Responsible for initial site configuration and hierarchy, template creation for end users, and integration of existing stand-alone applications from original site. Tools used included Dreamweaver and Visual Studio.
  • Training users on CMS web authoring and other developers on template design and code integration.
  • Maintained InsidePrometric, the company’s intranet site, including all content and new development.
  • Designed and developed multiple intranet/internet applications, including project-management tools and basic content management (for intranet news articles and featured “link of the day” updates). Largest project involved converting existing paper-based scripts for the company’s call centers to a web-based format, saving approx. $400k per year in operating costs.
  • Developed a centralized login component for users, used across multiple web applications. Component implemented using industry-standard SHA-256 data encryption to meet required security protocols.
  • Project management skills include creation of project plans, requirements gathering, user/client interviews, and developing requirements and design specification documents.

Software Engineer, New Product Development – Advertising.com – Baltimore, MD
June 2000 – Jan. 2001
  • Designed and developed an on-line survey tool using Perl/Javascript to integrate with the company’s existing ad-serving technology, used to measure and report on branding impact for advertisers’ campaigns.
  • UNIX administrator for the team’s development and testing servers.
  • Responsible for maintenance and minor fixes to existing public websites and modification and updating of mySQL back-end databases.
  • Rapid prototype designing for new projects.

Assistant Engineer – RWD Technologies, Inc. – Columbia, MD
June 1998 – May 2000
  • Designed and developed a Visual Basic 6.0 application (using an Access database) that allowed employees to deliver custom tailored SAP training materials to clients more rapidly by maintaining a generic training materials database and automating the customization process for each specific client’s terminology and branding.
  • Developed a web-based training application using Macromedia Director, HTML and Javascript. The application allowed users to convert PowerPoint presentations, HTML pages, and audio files into a unified format to be streamed remotely over the web in a “slide show” environment.
  • Expanded and maintained company intranet site using Macromedia Dreamweaver and Paintshop Pro.
  • Assisted in extensive Y2K testing and debugging for online training and testing certification website.

Computer Technician / Web Developer
June 1997 – Present
  • Designing websites using various technologies, off-the-shelf tools and graphics software.
  • Tutoring users in computer hardware/software use.
  • Custom-built computer systems, purchasing consultation, on-site repairs and upgrades for users.

Towson University
Jan. 1997 - May 1998
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, GPA 3.4
  • Coursework included: Computer Architecture, Assembly Language Programming, Data Communications and Networking, Design Analysis & Algorithms, Data & File Structures, Graphic Design
University of Maryland at College Park
Sept. 1995 – Dec. 1995
  • Courses in Computer Science and Architecture
Essex Community College
Sept. 1993 – Dec. 1996
  • Courses in Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering

  • Received DxMA Award (Interactive-Website category) for BD Diagnostics redesign
  • BD Diagnostics – Corporate training & certification in Security/Privacy Awareness, Financial Integrity, and Ethics in Business.
  • Prometric Pride – Individual Award for Excellence
  • Completed CIW Site Designer training at UMBC
  • Completed Java Programming classes at the Sun Training Center

Stuff that doesn't go anywhere else...

  • Poker Rules - draft of some rules for our monthly Texas Hold 'Em nights (generally the first Saturday of the month. Call me if you're interested.)
  • Pet TV- Why you should leave the TV on for your
    pets. Actual evidence from pets in my family.
  • Amazon.com Wish List - if you're looking for gifts for me... ;^)
  • ThinkGeek.com Wish List - really geeky gifts for me... :^D

Some info about the man behind the site...

  • Born: 03.30.76

    • Shares birthday with: Vincent Van Gogh, Celine Dion, M.C. Hammer, Eric Clapton, Norah Jones, Paul Reiser
  • IQ: 160-ish. Like those tests really measure anything other than the ability to take a test well?
  • Traditional astrological sign: Aries (The Ram)
  • Chinese astrological sign: Year of the Dragon (Fire)
  • Political ideology: Libertarian
  • Keirsey Temperament Type: INTJ ("Mastermind")

    • Other INTJs: C.S. Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy, Augustus
      Caesar, Chevy Chase, Hannibal (historic Carthaginian military leader), Donald Rumsfeld, General Colin Powell
    • Fictional INTJs: Gandalf the Grey, Professor Moriarty (Sherlock
      Holmes' nemesis), Hannibal (Lecter)...and Clarise Starling, too.
    • Find out your type...
  • Thinking Type: Spatial, Logical-Mathematical
  • Bad habits: Ranting about politics....ranting in general?
  • Good habits: Um....I think I have one or two?

Kris & Katy - 05/05/07

For those of you looking for the wedding pictures, the nice flash-based interface is gone, but www.krisandkaty.com will always point somewhere. I like the address, planning on keeping it, say....forever? :)

Here's our wedding photos, and also the Hawaii honeymoon ones. I keep wanting to go back there all the time.

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