The Dark Tower (The Fields of Can'-Ka No Rey)

Hile, traveler. Many ages ago, this was a place of palaver, a place of learning. So it will continue. All that is the Dark Tower lay before you.  Beware the Eye of the Crimson King...

Official Sites:

  • The Official Dark Tower site (www.stephenking.com/darktower) - Check it out...always new stuff coming from the Navel of Gan. (Although after his accident, the tale seemed to take a sharp turn. But hey, at least the story is finally finished. Or is it? You'll have to make the journey to the Dark Tower yourself and find out. It took me almost 18 years of waiting...why would I reveal the secret of the scarlet fields of Can'-Ka No Rey for you?)
  • www.stephenking.com - Stephen King, the man with the plan. Or just some weird guy, maybe. What, did you think getting hit by a truck would make him write more normal stories? Ha.
Publisher & Artist Sites:
  • Michael Whelan - the excellent artist of the first Dark Tower book (and also the last one). Love all of his work...and I finally have one of the limited prints hanging on my wall. It is the coolest thing I own, so stop by and see it if you're in the neighborhood. Out of 35 "artist prints" (each has a unique original sketch by him), I have....you guessed it. Number 19.
  • Donald M. Grant - publishers of the nice limited hardbacks (expensive if out of print!) and trade-paperback editions (my preferred version...read 'em until they wear out, save the hardbacks for collecting, heh).
Fan Sites:

  • TheDarkTower.Com - this major fan site has stuff like one of the more complete timelines on the site...in case you haven't memorized it all by now. Also, a diagram to help you if you don't know which King books to read before the Dark Tower series. 
  • Lilja's Library - was a great source for the lastest DT news, like cover art and such.

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