All Hail the (Crimson) King!

So, after a grueling 6 hour drive to Old Greenwich, CT...I finally met the Wordslinger, Stephen King. A very surreal experience for sure, but what should I really expect after 18 years of waiting for the last book?

Felicia Stafford, the first fan in line, entered the store singing "Happy Birthday."

"Thank you. I'm going to be 25," said King, 58.


Flipping through a copy of "Dark Tower VII," King expressed his pride in what he considers the series' unique combination of Whelan's illustrations and his text.

"One of the things I wish people would talk about is that for a mass-marketed American book there is nothing like it," King told Whelan. "Harry Potter doesn't compare."

Pics are finally up (after my PC decided to die this weekend). Let's just say the price for finally gaining the Dark Tower is paid in roses. Of course. Ka is always satisfied, eh?

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  2. Its Rachel! dude, did anyone get pics of me with King? Im like the only one from our group who didnt get one. ah well... book... is... crazy....

  3. i commend all of u who waited for "the king"...i know the experience will stay with u forever !

  4. :-( He deleted my first comment... that was Amber by the way...

    My boob is in the picture of sara...WAH it's famous!
    yeah, if you have a picture of rachel, send it to me.. because I kind of put together an online "scrap book" with everyones pictures.