Red Sox...and Discordia?

Anyone been watching the Red Sox - Yankees matchup? First comeback to Game 7 from an 0-3 series by ANY team EVER. Curse be damned? Do the Yankees, in fact, suck?

UPDATE: The Sox do in fact rock. Going the whole way this year after humbling NY? Wow. Damn good baseball....now if the World Series goes 4 games, they'll finish under Wednesday's lunar eclipse. If they go all 7 games, the last will be on Halloween. Time to break the curse? Indeed.

UPDATE 10/24: Sox ahead in the series 2-0. And Stephen King is in the stands, working on his new book about the BoSox....he chose a helluva year! Wednesday is looming. O Discordia...worlds turn about the Tower.

UPDATE 10/25: Fark.com thread on this. First lunar eclipse during a World Series ever...and it's the 100th one. And they beat the Yankees after the never-before 3-0 deficit, with Game 7 ending at the stroke of midnight. The end is nigh...

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