Yeah, I couldn't help it. It being Halloween and all, you shouldn't be suprised at my costume. A certain someone at the party managed to snap a pic with her camera and send it to me...so, I took the liberty of a little Photoshop work for a new banner for the site. Took me a while to decide to post it...call it an exercise in humility.

How long it stays up there depends on how ridiculous I think I look. But hey...who ever did anything NORMAL on Halloween anyway? If you knew my friends, this is nothing compared to their oddities.

And yes, I know the prints from DT 7 are available now on Whelan's site. As the representative Dark Tower Junkie of my group of friends, it's my job. ;^> A damn pretty penny for them...ouch.


  1. Hey its amber, looks she signed up for an account... O.O
    you photoshoped banner forced me. Anonymous just couldn't do it for me this time. That is f'n Hilarious!

    Oh for halloween me and a friend dressed up as Bill & Ted.... still totally awesome, but not as awesome as your costume... HA!

    I still haven't gotten through the Dark Tower 7. Ilook at it every day, and I never get any farther. Don't want to finish it, I don't want it to be over. :-(

    Anyway, I hope your fine and dandy, I shall talk to you later.


  2. Ya know, sometimes, there just aren't words for you.

  3. there are words for you.....BRILLIANT with a slight twist !