Law "enforcement"?

I know I've probably ranted to some of you in the past how legally, the cops are not required by law to protect you, but now we're in danger of setting the precedent that police are not even accountable for enforcing restraining orders by a court. Scary stuff:
In 1999, a court granted Jessica Gonzales a protective order barring her estranged husband Simon from contact with her and her three daughters, ages seven, nine and ten. The court order also required the police to enforce its terms by arresting her husband if he violated the order.

Simon abducted the young girls a month after the court order, and Jessica immediately called the police. The police told Jessica there was nothing they could do, and said she should call back if the girls did not turn up. Jessica called the police six times that night, and eventually drove to the police station to plead for help in person. The police refused to take action and enforce the court order.

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