Our government is now COMPLETELY OFF THE DEEP END.

(Canada, or anywhere, is SERIOUSLY looking better...but I just finished unpacking in the new house.) In today's "WTF?" category....the guys you voted for (or at least 51% of you did) have gone completely mad. First, they're trying to approve expanded powers for the oft-hated Patriot Act, so the FBI can write their stuff WITHOUT a court.
The FBI would get expanded powers to subpoena records without the approval of a judge or grand jury in terrorism investigations under Patriot Act revisions approved Tuesday by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

And now today, they "suddenly" decide not to bust the chops of the tobacco industry, without explanation?
After eight months of courtroom argument, Justice Department lawyers abruptly upset a landmark civil racketeering case against the tobacco industry yesterday by asking for less than 8 percent of the expected penalty. [$10 billion of the previously expected $130 billion]

How can you possibly vote for this crap in the next election? Do we LIKE being governed by insane/corrupt/warmongering/idiotic people? I truly hope America can do better than this. Really. Please?

UPDATE: Let's give some more taxpayer money to former Enron executives for a new project! Great idea!

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