You have the right to....er, do you?

Not as exciting as my parents protesting back in the day....but hey, could I actually catch a raft of shit from the government for all the political crap on my site? That would be too funny. Apparently possible under that wonderful campaign-finance reform law passed a while back (thank you McCain...I almost thought you were the perfect politician ):

"But bloggers don't necessarily work for a campaign or a political party and thus should not fall under McCain-Feingold, right?

Don't be too sure. Bloggers often endorse candidates or parties in an election. Those endorsements are of value to the candidates and may end up being treated as a campaign contribution, subject to limits and disclosure. Bloggers may also contribute to a campaign by linking to a candidate's website or republishing a candidate's press release."

I'll have to make sure near the next election to put lots of "killbushkillbushkillbushkillbushkillbush" on the website. Oh wait. I just did. :)

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