The "F" word?

And in other news....just keep voting for your bloated idiot-filled parties. They'll keep coming up with ways to take your money. Democrats? Social programs out the wazoo. Republicans? Oh, here's a new one....Senator Grassley of Iowa thinks we need to tell the corporations HOW to spend their PROFITS? Sounds like a joke but it's not:
Grassley is now on record as wanting (the rhetorical equivalent of "demanding") that oil companies "donate" 10 percent of their profits to help poor Americans pay their heating bills. Grassley sent letters to oil companies outlining his request; letters he claims to have sent to "embarrass" the oil companies into contributing to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Embarrass? I don’t think so. The right word here would be "intimidate."

When government owns everything, it's tending towards socialism. When private busineeses own with government control....yeah, that's FACISM. Might as well just direct-deposit my paycheck into the US Treasury at this rate. I'm hoping the younger generation has a better grip on free market ideas (and reality).

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