Bitter rant...part 2?

An update from Wired about Google being the only company so far to fight the search engine subpoena.

I never understand people who say "if you have nothing to hide, what's the problem?" Well, my personal privacy for one, which I value above almost every other inalienable right that I have as a human being in this world. I am not a terrorist, dammit. I will not let my privacy be violated without due cause. This is exactly what "unreasonable searches and seizure" is.

So...since other search engines have already bowed to the subpoena, I respectfully ask that you and everyone you know stop using any web search engines except for Google, who is the only one I know so far to fight back. That means no MSN search, Yahoo, AOL. Hell, Microsoft is in the government's pocket anyway.

As a free citizen, what you search for on the web is NOT the government's business. Guard your privacy....it's another part of your personal liberty they are trying to take.

Your resident libertarian,

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