6 Types of Libertarians....

Poll time from my favorite podcasters, FreeTalkLive....how liberty-minded are you, really? Libertarians broken down based on what level of force you think is allowed against others:

  • Limited Government Libertarian
  • Minarchist
  • Free Market Retributionist
  • Free Market Reparationist
  • Self Defense Libertarian
  • Pacifist

...scroll to the 2nd post for the full defs. The "Limited Govt. Libertarians" is how it needs to be sold to Americans to make it palatable, as it's far better than our current system, but I think I'm in with either the Free-Market Retributionists or Minarchists. I need my revenge factor...for example: someone kills your cat, and the Retributionists say that you can only get the monetary value of your cat back. I want his ass beat. but not sure if the option to have it done privately (non-gov't force) is best, which isn't allowed under Minarchism.

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