Testing again from teh iPhone...

Yep, got me a new toy, but awesomely powerful. Posting this from blogger.com on the built-in Safari browser, not too bad...we'll have to see how posting pics on vacation works.

In other news, still prepping the house for the new addition on the way, so as usual, updates are far between, but hopefully will keep everything here up to date.

In still other news...do I really care who wins the election, with this crap being used as the campaign ads? Barack = More spending, more taxes...more war. McCain = More spending, more deficit...more war. Either one of them lowers the dollar's power, and hurts my paycheck. Let people be responsible for their own lives, and get the hell out of my way.

I'm trying to build a family here. I don't WANT "help" from Uncle Sam. Go. A. Way.

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