If the bills weren't so damn LONG...

I repeat myself, but again, why you can have too much government: (does anyone still really think we need "just one more program"?  Comment if you do, PLEASE.)
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson rejected using the government’s financial-rescue program as a “panacea” for economic difficulties, clashing with lawmakers who want the funds to help beleaguered homeowners.

Barney Frank, who heads the House panel, cut off Paulson...saying “the bill couldn’t have been clearer” in also being aimed at reducing foreclosures.  “We don’t have a lot of time and I don’t usually do this,” Frank said in interrupting Paulson during an exchange on how to deploy TARP cash. “I read sections of the bill that says -- write it down -- give them assistance."
Well, we wouldn't be having this argument if you (Congress) hadn't inflated the original proposal from 3 to 451 FUCKING PAGES (PDF download, if you have no life and want to read it). Read the top 10 sweeteners...wooden arrow makers, rum in Puerto Rico, wool-makers...)  There's probably the kitchen sink AND the Second Coming of Christ in that bill if you read enough of it.  Vote smaller, dammit!

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