BULLETIN: Money STILL doesn't buy happiness

A follow up to a previous entry....this guy has more money than almost everyone, but that certainly can't help you out of every situation:

The 17-year-old granddaughter of a lottery jackpot winner was found dead near
her boyfriend's home, her body wrapped in a sheet and plastic tarp.

Fortune has not followed this guy, for sure:

Whittaker has had several brushes with the law since he won the prize. Earlier this month, a magistrate ordered him to go into rehab and surrender his driver's license after his second drunken driving arrest this year.

He has also been accused in two lawsuits of assaulting female employees of a racetrack. And his vehicle, business and home have been broken into.

In September, an 18-year-old friend of his granddaughter was found dead at Whittaker's home. That death remains under investigation. Whittaker was out of town at the time.
Today's Lesson: Enjoy life and family. Money can't bring them back.

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