Money doesn't buy happiness...but you knew that already, right?

If $300 million won't do it, no amount will. Wife of largest lottery winner ever isn't a happy camper:
"I wish all of this never would have happened," Jewel Whittaker told The Charleston Gazette for Tuesday's editions. "I wish I would have torn the ticket up."
The husband can't keep his ass out of trouble, either:
Since winning the lottery two years ago, her husband, Jack Whittaker, has been arrested twice for drunken driving and has been ordered into rehab. He pleaded no contest Monday to a misdemeanor assault charge for attacking a bar manager, and is accused in two lawsuits of making trouble at a nightclub and a racetrack.
I'll just take a pretty-well-off, slightly-above-average, non-spotlight life, thanks. (My Christmas list? My woman, our cats, and egg nog in front of the fireplace. Everything else is "just stuff", as an old friend once told me.)

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