New layout....again.

Ok, so I'm a lazy programmer....or I just like to spend time OFF the internets. I'm moving the site back over to Blogger.com (yeah, I lose some of the nice customized programming/geek stuff I had going), but hell....I've moved my photos to Picasa, and my mail to Gmail, so I figure....might as well use Google's blogging service. I'm just a Google Whore™. Free is good.

It's taking some hacking to get these standard templates to look like the old site, eventually I'll do something new...but the idea is for me NOT to have to do any coding in the day-to-day website postings. I'm 32, with a kid on the way, and finding it harder to work on my own site, with work and all the rest life throws at you. So....you'll still see mobile photos and blogging when I'm on vacation or finding something nice to snap a pic of, don't worry.

To quote the best movie of all time: "Life goes by pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

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  1. Kris,

    Welcome back and congrats to the parents-to-be!

    Sorry we've been out of touch for awhile, would like to get back in touch though.

    I have gmail (gannman1975@gmail.com) and yahoo (gannman1975@yahoo.com). Take care.