The "right" to your health (care)....

Debating over whether "Hillary Care" or "Obama Care" is the better plan? Try less mandated coverage of care, which largely contributes to the rising cost of your premiums. Read this great response to a recent article in the New York Times on the rising cost of health insurance....by Paul Hseih, who as an MD is probably qualified to speak on the issue. He's summarized the questions his readers sent back into a nice list of 8. Heavy hitters you'll never hear in a presidential "debate", like:
  • How would a free market guarantee that all Americans will have necessary health coverage?
  • Isn't the purpose of a government to promote the common welfare of all citizens?
  • Isn't it my social obligation to subsidize the health care of those who can't afford it?
It's a great summary of what the free market could be capable of, if we would only get out of the way and let it. Forced care is never moral.....sorry, liberals.

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