Waiting, waiting...

Well, updates around here might be thin for a while. Waiting for the new addition to the family, so we'll see how much time I get to post stuff. Check back for pics of the new baby and stuff....they're typically posted on the right under 'latest photos', or on the Picasa albums, under 'Photos' on the left navigation.

As to politics? Sarah Palin...meh. Some people say McCain just killed his campaign picking an inexperienced "nobody"....although I have to say she's more libertarian than any of the other guys in either the blue or red camp. I suppose I could hope for McCain to win and then die? :) Of course, when you get into that position of power...things tend to change. Suddenly you can make the world better, if people would JUST see it YOUR way. "Let them eat cake." "But sir, the peasants don't want cake." "CAKE OR DEATH?" Ah, nice choice you've given me.

See the problem? Much as I would like, I can never enter politics. My first act after winning an election would be to absolve my position and make the government smaller by one person. :)

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