Chaos in the market and at home. :)

Wow. Just wow.  Back to some regular blogging....while out of the loop for a while with the new little guy in the house, the financial market has just gone balls-out crazy.  After the Fannie/Freddie takeover (though the gov't started them anyway, so serves 'em right to have to take 'em back in the fold): Lehman brothers gone Chapter 11. Bank of America buying Merrill Lynch. WaMu goes under.  Wachovia bought by CitiGroup.  Here at home, Constellation Energy, parent of BGE, getting bought. (here's a good list of the mess)

So, the solution is this $700 billion bailout?  Um, solving the problems of "too much easy credit" by injecting a shitload of credit into the market?  Keep killing the dollar, politico-types.  I'm looking forward to $50 bucks for a gallon of milk for the kids.  

Sar. Ca. Sm.

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