A mote of light in a pile of a crap-tacular law

Well, at least in all the "pork" to get the bailout bill through (it went from 3 pages to 451 on Bush's desk!), there's a silver lining if I can just get my current car to last a few more years:
WASHINGTON -- Congressional leaders have added $1 billion in tax breaks for plug-in electric vehicles to a $700 billion Wall Street bailout bill. The provision would grant plug-in vehicles with at least a four-kilowatt battery pack a $4,168 tax credit. A vehicle like the extended range 2011 Chevrolet Volt with a 16-kwh battery would qualify for the maximum $7,500 tax credit for vehicles under 10,000 pounds.
Holy crap, now THAT is a tax break. If you pay attention, sometimes the sucky "system" can indeed be used for your benefit. Stretch those dollars...we're in for a loooooong depr...er, "recession". :^)

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