Criminal Injustice System

Apparently we have a severe lack of ability to uphold our own laws anymore. Steven Oken. One man. 3 murders. Convicted 17 years ago. Still alive. You judge:
A federal judge today granted an indefinite stay in the execution of convicted killer Steven Oken so his lawyers can argue that Maryland's most recent execution raises doubts about the state's lethal injection procedures.

Oken was sentenced to death in 1991 by a Baltimore County jury for the 1987 rape and murder of Dawn Marie Garvin, a White Marsh newlywed.

Yes, this hits close to home. My parent's are friends with the Romano family. And if you think this is just another run-of-the-mill argument of pro- and anti-death-penalty camps...read the details of Dawn's rape and murder. I hate when people try and say stuff like "oh, the families just want vengence". That's why we let a jury of 12 random people decide things.

Justice please?

UPDATE: Justice is served.


  1. right on...until you walk in some one's elses shoes........SHUT YOUR MOUTH !!!