The "Latte Factor"...drinking your life away?

Ah, we all want to retire early, of course. The hard part? Actually biting the bullet and MANAGING YOUR MONEY. I've been saying this stuff for a long time:

According to the principles of Your Money or Your Life, the money management book by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin, money equals life energy. In other words, you worked some period of time for that mochaccino, thereby spending part of your life to pay for that fleeting treat.

Thinking of money as life energy is an excellent way to spend less. For example, would you buy yet another pair of shoes if you knew it would cost you five hours of your life? Or how about a new car when your old one works fine if you lose several weeks of your life to pay for it, and yet more time to maintain it?

It's called the "Latte Factor". Look it up....then pack a friggin' lunch to work. ;^> If I didn't understand that principle, I'd be driving a BMW Z3, but sure as hell wouldn't be buying my new house, now would I?

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