Sheesh, try to make an innocent point...

Here at BWI airport: So much for the current "improved" post-9/11 security. One kid trying to prove the point that it's not better. Cost of making the point: 2 years probation, $500 fine. I'd do the same thing, if I had $500 bucks to spare. :^>
A college student who says he hid box cutters on airplanes to expose weaknesses in security was sentenced Thursday to two years supervised probation and fined $500.

Nathaniel Heatwole also must serve 100 hours of community service and reimburse his parents for up to $500 in legal expenses.

Heatwole, 21, told U.S. District Judge Paul Grimm that his intentions were constructive and he never meant to embarrass security officials or put anyone in any danger. But the judge said Heatwole's actions "produced an opposite effect."

The best way to bring about change is "civilly, rationally, and openly," Grimm told the student.

Sure....like write your corrupt legislators, vote in your Diebold-rigged elections, hold a peaceful demonstration (IF you can get a permit). Sometimes you have to be a little more blunt in your tactics, I suppose. Gotta agree with the kid 100% on this one...maybe wrong in his methods, but damn right in principle.
(off to vote Libertarian yet again)

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