Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore's film...go see it. If you're a Republican, you'll be offended at the way Bush looks like an idiot who started an unprovoked war. If you're a Democrat, you'll be offended at how your Congressmen look like they stood by and did nothing (in fact, voting to give Bush the authority to invade). If you're a military family, you'll wonder why the troops are still over there, and why they aren't coming home anytime soon. (And if you're a U.N. weapons inspector, you're STILL wondering where the WMDs are.)

From any standpoint, ask yourself: "Do I want 4 more years of this?" Or would you rather have at least the POSSIBILITY of something better? I loathe both the major political parties, but I have to say a lame duck President who has no moral problem with preemptively invading a country that has never attacked us is scary.

There should be enough of us out there that even with 3rd party votes, Bush should still get swept in the election. Vote for ANYONE ELSE BUT GEORGE BUSH. And tell all your friends and family.


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