Today's irony:

After NOT being found guily of the insider trading charges...but finally getting nailed on lying to the gov't about something she was never charged with (although when they lie to you, that seems to be fine...see any failed gov't program for examples), here's some irony to the outcome:

...in a bittersweet coda to the saga that began more than two years ago, consider this: ImClone stock closed at $80.30 per share, up from the average $58.43 that Stewart got when she dumped her shares, reaping about $228,000.
Had Stewart held onto her ImClone stock, it would now be worth about $315,000.

Side note:  We give Martha jail time for lying and obstruction of justice, but couldn't manage to hold a certain President accountable for the same thing?  Again, ironic.  Sing it, Alanis...


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